Online, World, Fri., September 18, 2020, 10h30-11h50 EST (16h30-17h50 CET)
Panel on a UN Parliamentary Assembly

A new policy review of Democracy Without Borders on the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) authored by Maja Brauer and Andreas Bummel will be presented and discussed for the first time at an online panel with members of parliament.

A UNPA is proposed as an addition to the UN General Assembly that would allow elected representatives to be involved in matters of UN governance and strengthen the democratic character and accountability of the world organization. The new study will be available as a free download on this page from 15 September 2020 on.

The panel is a community-driven session of the UN75 Global Governance Forum that is organized by Stimson Center in collaboration with numerous partners. To participate in this session, you need to register for the forum here.

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